How Big Are They?

Snapchat-7971220836771629693Hey guys! I’ve decided to do a post on here about my bra size since I keep getting asked Snapchat-7951379465300896543about it every day. My boobies are supposed to be a 36K. They fluctuate between 47-50 inches. There is a video of me measuring them inside 😀 Depending on the brand of the bra I may need to get a bigger size, like an L or an M.

My boobies started growing when I was in middle school. I was the first girl in school to start wearing a bra. Once I started high school they were a DD and kept growing throughout my teens. I was never really sure what size my breasts were in high school because I did not know how to properly measure myself. I definitely had the biggest boobs in my class and was always getting written up for dressing “inappropriately”. When I was 18/19 I found out that I was an H cup and my bras fit me for a little while, but my breasts still continued to grow throughout my early 20s. When I was 21 they were a J cup and had stayed that size until recently. Now, in the past year, they have grown to a K. Sometimes I buy K cups that fit me, but sometimes (like I mentioned before) the K cups are still too small and I probably need an L or an M in that brand! 😀

In these pictures I am wearing my brand new bra and panty set that I just got in the mail today! Thanks so much to Robert for helping me get this set! This is a K cup bra. This time I lucked out and it fits me perfectly!

Lots Of Love,

Sarah Rae <3

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